Monday, November 9, 2009

Anjing Liar!!!!! (in INDO)

Nama bahasa Indonesia dia Anjing liar.
Its Indonesian name is Anjing Liar.

Nama bahasa inggeris dia Dhole
Its english name is Dhole.

Binating saya tinggal di hutan
My animal lives in the jungle

Badan saya berwarna merah
My animal is coloured red

Binatang saya berrasal dari pulau java
My animal comes from the island java

Monday, September 14, 2009

This is the Dhole or what it is called in indonesian the Anjing Liar.The Dhole weighs 12-20 kilograms and 90 centimeters in body length.A Dhole or Anjing Liar is about the size of a German shepherd, but looks more like a long-legged fox. Dholes are classified with wolves, coyotes, jackals, and foxes. Anjing Liars vary in color from charcoal gray to rust red to sandy beige, depending on their habitat. Their tails are brushy and fox-like, often with a black tip. These wild dogs usually have white feet, bellies, and chests, but not always. Adults have long tails and rounded ears, and males tend to be larger and heavier than females. Dholes are great communicators and use an eerie whistle to communicate with each other. They also use a variety of other noises, including clucks and high-pitched screams, that are not found anywhere else in the canid families. Dhole packs often hunt as a group, with one "lead dog" in charge.Where the Anjing liar lives:
Range: eastern and southern Asia

Habitat: dense forest and thick scrublands, open grassland, the Siberian steppe, alpine regions of the Himalayas, and rain forests of Java.